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Alignements Carnac
© A. Lamoureux
Ménec - Carnac
© Simon Bourcier
Alignements de Carnac
© A. Lamoureux
Site mégalithique du Ménec
© Simon Bourcier

The incredible megalithic sites of Carnac

During your stay in the Bay of Quiberon, go back in time and discover the 7,000-year-old menhirs of Carnac.

On the Morbihan coast, the peaceful seaside resort of Carnac is home to one of the most exceptional megalithic sites in the world. Discover this prehistoric heritage on these Breton lands.

Mégaliths Carnac

The megaliths of Carnac

In the south of Morbihan, explore more than 550 megalithic sites. From among them, the Carnac alignments are unique in the world. Classified as Historic Monuments since 1889, they include nearly 3,000 menhirs over 4 km. These alignments are divided into 3 megalithic fields that you can discover all year round: Ménec, Kermario and Kerlescan.

A religious cult, an astronomical site or an army of stones... the menhirs of Carnac erected between 5,000 and 3,000 BC still retain all their mystery.

visit the Carnac alignments

How to visit the Carnac alignments?

From April to September, in order to preserve and conserve the natural site at best, the alignments can be accessed through guided tours only. From October to March, access is free. All year round, you can freely admire these standing stones by going on the walking trails which surround them.

Begin your walk in front of the Ménec site, where the Maison des Mégalithes is located, a reception and information point for the alignments. The Ménec extends over more than 1 km. It is considered the most representative site and has no less than 1,100 stones in 11 rows.

Dolmen de Kermario

Continue your discovery to the alignments of Kermario, the most visited site due to the impressive dimensions of its stones. Enjoy the panoramic view from the top of the old mill and try to imagine this landscape 7,000 years ago!

Keep on walking in the undergrowth where the 6.5m high giant of Manio and the quadrilateral of Manio are hidden.

Finally, the Kerlescan site is the smallest and most preserved of Carnac's alignments. In its extension, the Petit Ménec site in La Trinité-sur-Mer includes about one hundred menhirs.

Visite guidée sites mégalithiques

Gyropod, tourist train... another way of discovering Carnac!

In Carnac, you can either walk or cycle. However, in order to discover the whole of Carnac-Plage, from the alignments right toTrinité-sur-Mer, various original solutions are available in the seaside resort.

As a couple, a visit to Carnac and its surroundings by tuk-tuk can bring a surprising colour to your getaway.

With children, the tourist mini-train and convertible bus allow you to enjoy audioguide comments while sitting comfortably, travelling effortlessly from one site to another, on a circular itinerary linking Carnac-Plage and La Trinité-sur-Mer.

In order to please your teenager, visit Carnac on a gyropod.

Musée de Préhistoire

Stop at the Museum of Prehistory

Travel through 450,000 years of history, from the Palaeolithic to the Gallo-Roman era at the Museum of Prehistory in Carnac. Here, you can discover a collection of 6600 objects dedicated to the Neolithic peoples, builders of dolmens and menhirs.

The world's first museum on megalithism, it offers activities for all: guided tours, megalithic hikes, children's workshops, demonstrations of prehistoric techniques, etc.

Tumulus Saint-Michel

The Saint-Michel Tumulus

Prolong the pleasure and discover megaliths in Morbihan

Prolong the pleasure and go visit the megalithic sites of Tumulus Saint-Michel which has a breathtaking 360° view!

Prolong the pleasure and discover megaliths in Morbihan

Prolong the pleasure and go visit the megalithic sites of Tumulus Saint-Michel which has a breathtaking 360° view!

More than 550 megalithic sites have been identified in southern Morbihan. A UNESCO classification process has been initiated to promote this exceptional historical heritage.

During your stay in the Bay of Quiberon, and more broadly in the Morbihan, you will have other opportunities to admireust-see megaliths: the cairn of Kercado, the dolmens of Mané Kerioned, and the Tumulus Saint-Michel, a 12-metre high mound, with a chapel at its summit offering an exceptional view of the Bay of Quiberon.

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