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Dolmen de Kermario
© Simon Bourcier
Couché de soleil sur l'anse du Pô à Carnac
© Patrice Baissac
Menhirs de Carnac
© Simon Bourcier
Plage de Légenèse Carnac
© Cyrille Baissac
Thalasso Carnac
© Thalazur Carnac
Carnac plage
© Patrice Baissac

Visit Carnac and its menhir alignments

While touring the Bay of Quiberon, the famous megaliths of Carnac, a cradle of European prehistory, are definitely a must-see. More than 3,000 menhirs are lined up over 4km... An incredible discovery not to be missed during your holidays in Morbihan !

Carnac, the famous seaside resort is home to one of the most exceptional prehistoric sites: the alignments of Carnac. Between land and sea, your stay in Carnac will not be a disappointment.

A fascinating discovery: 3,000 menhirs lined up in the heart of Carnac

Morbihan has more than 350 megalithic sites and the 7,000-year-old site of Carnac is the largest site of standing stones in the world. A UNESCO World Heritage Listing process is underway to recognise the exceptional character of the Carnac alignments, nestled in the lands of the Quiberon Bay. 

You can tour the 3 main alignment sites - Ménec, Kermario and Kerlescan - to try to unravel the mystery of the megaliths! To help you understand the alignments, go to the Maison des Mégalithes at the entrance of the Ménec site.