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Bourg Plumergat
© Alexandre Lamoureux

Plumergat, the village with three bell towers

Plumergat is one of the primitive parishes of Brittany created in the 6th century, during the immigration of Bretons from the Island of Brittany (now Great Britain) to Armorica (now Brittany).

This population, which fled the invasions of the Saxons, found in Armorica, a sparsely populated land with celtic and pagan beliefs. In Armorica, they transposed their structure. They formed by quarters and placed themselves under the protection of an honoured saint in a chapel. Around  the 9th century, these small communities gathered in parishes with prefixes Plu, Plo or Plou. All the municipalities which, like Plumergat, bear this prefix are the old parishes that were created at the time.

Plumergat is testimony to this historical organisation. Christianity has strongly influenced the municipality, which still has 11 churches and chapels.

It is called "the village with three bell towers" in reference to the three religious buildings that coexist there.