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Exposition «L'eau, les yeux du monde»
Exposition «L'eau, les yeux du monde»
From 08/07/2024

Water, the eyes of the world" exhibition

Ecomusée du Pays d’Auray 1 Rue Park Segal
56400 Brech
"An dour, Lagadoù ar bed" tells the story of the Pays d'Auray's inhabitants' relationship with water before 1950. When water wasn't flowing from the tap, the link to water was forged through daily life and activities. Inhabitants collectively organized the management of water in their territory. Today, it's hard to imagine people drinking water from wells and streams, or treating themselves with water from fountains. Behind these practices lies another water culture, one that questions our own relationship with water. Lucien Pouëdras' paintings, some thirty in all, illustrate the importance of water throughout the seasons. His work, with over 400 canvases, represents an invaluable testimony to daily life and the link to the land in the traditional agricultural system.

Opening times

From 08/07/2024 to 30/08/2024
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Ecomusée du Pays d’Auray 1 Rue Park Segal
56400 Brech


Base rate 6 €
Reduced rate 4 €
Children's rate 3 €



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