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Lettres d'amour à notre chère Terre
Lettres d'amour
From 21/05/2024

Love letters to our beloved Earth

Médiathèque - 15 Rue nationale
56690 Landévant
At the annual meeting, Isabelle Besrest, educational delegate for the Lire demain book network, shared one of her favorite stories with Marina Nicolas, librarian at the Landévant media library.
The story also resonated with her, leading to today's "Love letters to our beloved earth" project.
The reading of a children's book opens a multitude of creative doors.

Drop off your love letters in the colorful boxes at the town hall, media library or local shops....

An ode to our beloved planet, to be read urgently by our dear children!

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From 21/05/2024 to 21/05/2025
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Médiathèque - 15 Rue nationale
56690 Landévant



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