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Chapelle Saint-Maurille
Chapelle Saint Maurille

Saint-Maurille chapel

56690 Landaul
The choir window bears the date 1659, but there must have been an earlier chapel. The chapel is dedicated to Saint Maurille, but three other saints are also celebrated here: Saint Mamert, Saint Adrien, whose polychrome wooden statue depicts him holding his entrails in his hands, and Saint Durlo. One of the chapel's main furnishings is an 18th-century 2-storey altarpiece. Outside, a large Iron Age stele features an inscription and an engraved cross. The presence of this listed stele suggests that the chapel was built on a pre-Christian place of worship. Open from July 10 to August 28, Fridays, 2.30 - 6 p.m. Pardon on the 1st Sunday in September.
56690 Landaul

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