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Erdeven plage
© A. Lamoureux
Kerzerho Erdeven
© A. Lamoureux
Voie verte Erdeven
© A. Lamoureux
Parc de Keravéon
© A. Lamoureux

Erdeven, the land of dunes and megaliths

At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean on the Morbihan coast, experience a relaxing stay on golden sandy beaches just a stone's throw from the Ria d'Etel in the heart of Erdeven.

Erdeven is first of all miles of beach enjoyed all year round, located in the midst of a string of unspoilt wild dunes. Take a stroll on each of these beaches to discover the one that you like best for relaxation, water sports and family games in Morbihan !

On foot, many walks invite you to discover the villages and megalithic sites. By bike, take the green lane to Quiberon or Étel.

Then, stroll through the Kéravéon park, the ideal place to enjoy the 57 tree species, the fitness trail, the playground....

On the land side, Erdeven will also seduce you with the megalithic site of Kerzerho and its stone giants.