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Kerzerho menhirs
© A. Lamoureux
© Alexandre Lamoureux

Discover the megaliths of Erdeven

As you walk along the paths, discover many megalithic remains through the hollow paths and wooded areas. The Kerzerho alignments form the most important Breton megalithic site after Carnac. It has 190 menhirs!

Géants de Kerzerho

Walk along the megalithic hiking trail on foot (about 2 hours). Measure yourself against the giants of Kerzerho, 6 metres high and weighing about 40 tonnes.

Good to know: all the sites of Erdeven megaliths are open to visitors all year round: the giants of Kerzerho, the Kerzerho alignments, the dolmens of Mané-Bras and Mané-Croc'h, the dolmen and the Crucuno quadrilateral.

In summer, take advantage of guided tours organised by the tourist office to discover stories and legends around the standing stones of Brittany.

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