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Pêche en rivière
© Alexandre Lamoureux
Pêche à la ligne
© Alexandre Lamoureux

Let yourself be tempted by fishing in lakes and rivers

During your stay in Morbihan, let yourself be tempted by a fishing trip in a lake or river in the Bay of Quiberon.

Want to fish? Rivers, streams or lakes, every fisherman will find in Pays d'Auray a particular place to that meets his aspirations. Go in search of brown trouts and predator fish while enjoying the calm and beauty of the lakes.

Pêche en étang

Étang de Tréauray, in Brec'h, boasts an area of 23 hectares with an attractive population of white fish (roaches, breams, carps, pike, etc.), 2nd category route.

The Blavet Valley is a great place to fish all year round with a variety of techniques: blow fishing, fly fishing, lures. Enjoy the tranquility of the Petit Bois lakes at Camors, with a population of trout and white fish, it is an ideal site for a family fishing trip.

Find other routes in the heart of the Pays d'Auray:

  • The Kergroix route: 1st category
  • The Pont Christ route: 1st category

Salt-water fishing in the Sal and Auray rivers as well as in the Etel river does not require a fishing permit. However, freshwater fishing requires a fishing permit. Find all the information on fishing permits and where to buy them on our territory.

Good to know: fishing categories

  • 1st category - Rivers, bodies of water and lakes of which fish populations are mostly trout.
  • 2nd category - All other waterways, canals and bodies of water of which the fish population is not dominated by salmonids.

Not to be missed: an initiation to fishing

During the summer, an initiation to fishing and a discovery of the aquatic environment on the Loch river, in Pluvigner, is organised for all. A great family outing idea!

Find all the information on freshwater fishing at

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