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Brec'h - Circuit cyclo - Circuit des chapelles
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Brec'h - Cycling circuit - Chapels circuit

Place Kreisker, bourg
56400 Brech

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 02:30:00
Distance 25km
Place Kreisker, bourg
56400 Brech
Difficulty level: Easy - All year round This tour explores the commune's rich historical and religious heritage.

Departure point: opposite the town hall, pass the Chapelle Notre-Dame des Fleurs, once the center of a popular spring pardon. Take rue du Couëdic. After 800 m, take the left-hand path to Kerguiban. Continue until you reach the D768. Turn left for 100 m (danger, traffic), then right to Calan.

Step by step :

1) In Calan, admire the Chapelle Saint-Goal, which once served an important farming village. Turn right after the calvary, then left on the path leading downhill. Go under the railroad line, then immediately left, following the main road to the D19. Alternatively, turn right on the D19 towards Landaul to reach the Chapelle de Tréavrec approx. 500 m away (danger, traffic). The Renaissance-style Chapelle Notre-Dame de Grâce dates from the 16th century. Return to the D19.

2) On the D19, after the level crossing, turn right towards Kermelen, then immediately left onto the road. At the end, turn left towards Chapelle Saint- Clément, rebuilt in 1874. Retrace your steps and take the road on the left towards Kerhourain. Leaving the village on your right, continue straight ahead. At the stop sign, turn left, then right, then left again to reach Rue du Manoir. You can return to the village on the left via Corn Er Hoët.

3) Follow rue du Manoir for 1.5 km, then turn right towards Kernanec. At the hamlet, take the track on the left. Alternatively, take the road to the right that runs under the railroad line to the Chapelle Notre-Dame de la Route, a modern edifice built in 1963 by the Guillou agency, one of Brittany's leading architectural firms at the time. Make a U-turn. Take the road opposite to join rue de Kerstran. Continue to route de Pipark. After the college, turn right. At the end, take the alley on the left. Pass La Chartreuse, a former monastery of Carthusian monks (guided tours all year). Return to the road and, at the traffic circle, go straight ahead towards the Champ des Martyrs, where some 250 royalist Chouans were shot by Republican troops in 1795. Follow the road to the Chapelle du Champs des Martyrs.

4) After the visit, turn right towards Saint-Dégan. At the crossroads, turn left, then immediately left, impasse du Pont Romain. Continue to Saint-Dégan. At the halfway point, take the road to the left and return to Chapelle Saint-Quirin (17th century). Classical in style, it houses one of the finest altarpieces in Morbihan. In Saint-Dégan, take the jardin du vieux pré path and continue through the village on the left to reach a sunken lane. The Écomusée de Saint-Dégan provides an insight into daily life in the Pays d'Auray in days gone by (17th-century thatched cottage, 19th-century farmhouse and outbuildings). After 150 m on the right, take a sunken lane to reach the road. Turn left into the village via rue du Moulin de Talhouët. Pass the Chapelle Saint-Jacques, whose sculpted western facade bears the date 1464, then the Église Saint-André (which retains some 12th-century features).

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