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Crac'h - Circuit cyclo - Circuit des trois ponts
Randonnée-Morbihan-Bretagne Sud
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Crac'h - Cycling circuit - Three bridges circuit

Place Le Mené
56950 Crach

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 01:10:00
Distance 14km
Place Le Mené
56950 Crach
Difficulty level: Easy - All year round

A beautiful walk to discover the birth of the Crac'h River. Departure point: Place Le Mené, opposite the town hall, follow signs for Le Tourbillon.

Step by step :
1) Take the path north towards Kerbiscam, skirting the villages of Petit Cosquer and Kéricart. Cross the VC203 towards Le Lerré, then join the VC6. On the way, a little way back, you'll come across the pretty Kerbiscam cross. This tall cross is set back in the moorland not far from the road. It is located on the old road between Kéricard and Kerbiscam.

2) Turn left on the VC6 for 400 m to the Menhir crossroads. Follow signs for Le Lerréo, then Le Grand Cosquer.

3) On leaving the village, don't miss the Béquerel detour, "where the tide comes in and the stream meets the sea". Please note that the site is on private property and cannot be visited. Return to the VC 240 towards Le Vigueah. At the bottom of the village is the Pont des trois cantons. Under this bridge flows the stream that empties into the salt water where the Crac'h river begins.

4) Head up towards the village of Le Vigueah to take the path to Kerberen, passing through Kerbourda and Bréharve.

5) At Kerberen, go down the VC1 for 300 m and take the road to Kervive. On the outskirts of Kervive, on this wide old road, discover another pretty bridge, "Pont Romain" or "Pont Pesket", where the stream flows into the Vigueah.

6) At the bottom of the village of Kervive, make a detour to the Menhir de Kervive, erected in the Neolithic period (7,000 to 4,500 years BC). Follow the signs for Kersinge, Le Lerré and Kerbiscam through the Crac'hoise countryside.

7) Pass in front of the Kerbiscam cross. Then cross the VC203 and return to the town center, skirting the villages of Kéricart and Petit Cosquer.

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