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Etel à Quiberon - Circuit cyclo - Le grand site à vélo
Circuit VTT - Etel à Quiberon - Morbihan - Bretagne Sud
Circuit VTT - Etel à Quiberon - Morbihan - Bretagne Sud
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Etel à Quiberon - Cycling tour - Le grand site à vélo

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 02:30:00
Distance 30km
56410 Étel
Level of difficulty: Easy

Sandy sections in places. This itinerary allows you to discover the entire Grand Site dunaire coastline and all its riches.

Departure point : From the Port d'Etel, follow the quay and go around the lake. Follow the cycle path towards the Barre d'Étel.

Step by step :

1) At the entrance to the parking lot, turn left onto the path that runs into the dunes. It branches off to the right and runs alongside Kerminihy beach, past the first parking lot and on to the Roche Sèche parking lot (sandy sections in places).

2) After the parking lot, take the shared road that winds through the dunes. Pass by the Green Hand, symbolizing the fight against the construction of a nuclear power station in this area (1975). At the crossroads, turn right and continue along the road to Kerhillio. In the middle of the parking lot, turn left towards Erdeven. Before the crossroads, take the track on the right, then the boulevard on the right (cycle path).

3) After the vacation village of Keravel, turn off the road onto a stabilized dirt track that leads to Sainte-Barbe. The cycle path skirts a few houses and goes around the village, which can be visited (chapel).

4) Continue along the greenway through the dunes to the Musée de la Chouannerie parking lot. From the parking lot, take the secure cycle path along the main road. Continue to Penthièvre. At the entrance to the hamlet, turn right onto the path leading to the beach, then at the end, turn left onto Boulevard de l'Océan along the Penthièvre beach.

5) Take the newly-constructed secure cycle path over the Penthièvre isthmus. Follow the "Tire-Bouchon" railroad line, a tourist train operating in July and August. After Fort de Penthièvre, reach Kerhostin. At the traffic lights, turn right over the level crossing, then left onto the cycle path that runs alongside the railroad.

6) Continue along this path to the level crossing, route de Portivy. Continue on the D186, passing Keridenvel and continuing for over a kilometer. Turn left onto the 1st dirt track, which winds through the fields and passes a riding school. Turn left at the crow's-foot. Arrive at the semaphore (near Parking des Îles).

7) Follow the town's urban infrastructure down to the main beach (some areas are undeveloped). Turn left onto boulevard Chanard to reach pointe du Conguel.

8) To return, make a U-turn. Take Boulevard Chanard, then Rue de Port Maria.

9) Opposite Château Turpault, turn right towards Côte Sauvage and follow the "voie verte" signs for 900 m. At Portivy, follow the outward route to Étel.

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