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Ploemel - Circuit VTT - Au coeur des villages de Ploemel
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Ploemel - MTB track - In the heart of Ploemel's villages

PA du Moustoir
56400 Ploemel

Features of the route

Difficulty Medium
Length 02:00:00
Distance 23km
PA du Moustoir
56400 Ploemel
Level of difficulty: Medium (average height difference: 50m)
Route n°1 blue

This trail takes in buildings from different eras, from prehistoric times to 16th-century chapels, along undergrowth and field paths leading from village to village.

Step by step:

Departure: this tour starts at the Parc d'Activités du Moustoir. After leaving the Parc d'Activités via the north exit onto rue Henri Doré and then rue de l'Europe, continue straight ahead at the first intersection, then turn left a few metres further on. Continue straight on to Bregoharn, then turn left towards Kerdelam and Toulhouet. Follow the signs through Toulhouet to La Madeleine. Follow the path to the D119. Follow the D119 for a few metres, then turn right onto the dirt track, still following the signs, which leads to the hamlet of Keraudran.

1) At Keraudran, turn left, then immediately right, continuing for a few metres along the road before taking the left-hand signposted path. Follow this path to the village of Locmiquel.

2) In Locmiquel, follow the road as it bends to the right. At the end of the road, turn right, then take the dirt path on the left a few metres further on. Continue along this path until you reach the Route de Saint-Cado. Turn left. Take time to stop at the Chapelle Saint-Cado. Turn left again to enter the hamlet, then take the path on the left that leads to the village of Saint-Laurent.

3) At the end of the path, cross the road and follow the track opposite to the 16th-century Chapelle Saint-Laurent. Leave the chapel behind and turn left at the next intersection to find a path on the right. Follow the path straight ahead to the village of Poul Hoc'h.

4) Before continuing along the path, stop for a moment to discover the Dolmen de Mané Bogad, a tomb dating from the Neolithic period (between 7000 and 4500 years BC). To find it, go straight ahead and take the path on the left after the Poul Hoc'h housing estate (please note that access is for pedestrians only). Retrace your steps, cross Poul Hoc'h to the north and join the Mané Bogad park path. Follow the signs to the center of Ploemel.

5) In the center, turn right, cross the railroad line, keep right and follow the D119 before turning left at Keroulin. Don't miss the Chapelle Notre-Dame de Recouvrance with its 16th- and 17th-century paintings. Follow the signs to the hamlet of Kerbredeva, turn left. Continue north towards Poulguenan. Head for the D105, but at the crossroads, take a path to the right that leads slightly uphill to the hamlet of Kergal. The route then continues towards the village of Kerbarch. On leaving the village, take the last path on the right to return to the starting point.

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