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Plumergat - Circuit cyclo - Les trois clochers
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Plumergat - Cycling circuit - The three steeples

Kiosque en face de la mairie
56400 Plumergat

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 02:00:00
Distance 17km
Kiosque en face de la mairie
56400 Plumergat
Level of difficulty: Easy
Plumergat, its village with three steeples, its villages and its chapels are located along country lanes and roads.

Departure point: From the kiosk, admire the "three steeples": the Church of Saint-Thuriau, which retains the nave, arcades and sculpted capitals of its Romanesque origins. To the right of the south door is the only Breton stele (1st century) bearing Gallic inscriptions. The text, in Roman capitals, consists of six Gallic words translated as follows: "Vabros erected (this) to the Fathers of the milestone (or country) for Giapos son of Durnos". Nearby, the 15th-century Chapelle de La Trinité is a fine example of the flamboyant style, also known as late Gothic. It houses numerous statues from other buildings. Its dripstones and sablières are packed with secular sculptures: animals, characters and fantastic monsters. Open from July to September. Finally, the Chapelle Saint-Servais is said to have been built by a wealthy local farmer following a pilgrimage to the Saint's tomb in Maastricht, Holland. Opposed to the construction, rector Louis Le Gras resigned to it after miraculously escaping a horse accident. His name appears on a sandpit. Take rue des trois clochers to the traffic circle. Take the first exit towards Sainte-Anne-d'Auray. Turn left on rue Chaigneau, continue on route de Grand-Champ and then on the D133 for about 400 m.

Step by step :

1) Turn right towards Coet Noc, then right towards Kervaly. Reach the Moulin de Trongoff (private). Join the D17 via Lann Justice.

2) Take the D17 left, then right to Kermaréchal. At the next crossroads, turn left towards Locmaria, then Gornevec. Admire the Chapelle Notre- Dame de Gornevec (16th - 19th - 20th centuries), named after the Roman road "Hent-Gornevec". It was a thriving church in the 19th century, frequented by wet nurses who came here to pray for abundant milk. Around 1920, part of the roof collapsed, and the rest a few years later. The "Friends of Gornevec" association, under the impetus of "Breiz Santel", has restored this beautiful chapel to its original appearance. The annual Pardon takes place on the last Sunday in August.

3) Make a U-turn and return to the village via Resto Marvil.

4) At the D133, turn right to get back to the starting point.

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