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Quiberon - Circuit cyclo - La boucle de Quiberon
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Quiberon - Cycling tours - The Quiberon loop

Boulevard Chanard
56170 Quiberon

Features of the route

Difficulty Medium
Length 01:30:00
Distance 15km
Boulevard Chanard
56170 Quiberon
Level of difficulty: Medium
Boucle de Quiberon" signs

On foot or by bike, the Quiberon loop takes you from Armor to Argoat.

Step by step :

Start: Take boulevard Chanard, then the coastal road to pointe du Conguel. Boulevard Chanard is lined with 19th-century villas that bear witness to a time when industrialists from Lyon vacationed in Quiberon. On the way, stop at the stele commemorating the sinking of the Carl Bech, a 45-meter-long Norwegian three-master that ran aground in December 1911. Pass in front of the Thalassotherapy Spa, then a little further on, on the left, the Dolmen du Conguel, a Neolithic tomb classified in 1920 and excavated several times.

1- Follow the coastal path. Pass Fort Neuf, a former battery built in 1675 at the request of Louis XIV to protect Port-Haliguen from foreign squadrons and pirates. It was abandoned in the early 20th century and largely destroyed. Walk along the Porigo beach and see the Porigo Fountain. Continue towards the old port and Place de Port Haliguen.

2- Take the Quai des Sinagots. Before the breakwater, take the staircase on the left towards rue Surcouf as far as rue du Mané. Turn right towards Colonie du Mané, and continue along rue Bellevue.

3- Turn right on rue des Galets, then left on rue Er Vadjuner. Cross Boulevard du Castéro. Take the track opposite. Join avenue des Druides, continue right towards rue des Goélettes.

4- Turn right towards the Saint-Julien chapel. Follow rue de la Petite Côte to the sea. Follow the coastline.

5- After the Beauséjour campsite, turn left at chemin de la Vierge. Join rue de la Vierge, follow the D768. Cross the level crossing. Turn right on chemin du Manio. See the Jardin du Ragot, the lavoir du Ragot and its botanical trail (created and maintained by the Agapanthe association). At the top of the allée de la Pompe, turn left, then left again after 100 m. Before Kerniscob, see the remains of the old semaphore: the Locmaria tower (offering a 360° view of the peninsula, Houat, Belle-Île, Groix, Lorient and Quiberon Bay).

6- Take allée du Sémaphore, turn right onto route de Kerné. Turn right towards Kerné. Drive through the village towards the Kerné campsite.

7- On the left of the campsite entrance, drive alongside the campsite. Follow the track to Manémeur.

8- Before entering the village, turn right. See the Menhirs de Mané Meur (Neolithic). Reach the Beg er Lan traffic circle.

9- Walk along the coast to the port and pier. Admire the cliffs of the Côte Sauvage, some more than 20 metres high, which face the onslaught of westerly winds and the ocean. The Côte Sauvage boasts a varied and protected flora, including maritime armenia, rock spergularia, dune thistle and spider ophrys. At the entrance to Quiberon, see Château Turpault (1910), an Anglo-Medieval manor house built by a Cholet spinner (private property). Reach Place Hoche via the quays, Rue de l'Embarcadère and Rue de Port Maria.

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