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Sainte-Anne d'Auray - Circuit cyclo - A deux pas de chez nous
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Sainte-Anne d'Auray - Cycling tours - A deux pas de chez nous

Place de la mairie
56400 Sainte-Anne-d'Auray

Features of the route

Difficulty Easy
Length 02:15:00
Distance 11.4km
Place de la mairie
56400 Sainte-Anne-d'Auray
Difficulty level: Easy - All year round

A walk in the footsteps of farmer Yvon Nicolazic. Twice, Saint Anne appeared to him. In 1625, he unearthed a statue of her. The impact of this story and the influx of pilgrims made the sanctuary what it is today.

Departure point: Mairie, heading east towards Vannes/Mériadec.

Step by step

1) After 100 m, turn right, then left on the Boterff path. 100 m further on, turn left. Follow the Cheval Blanc estate and the north of the village of Pen Prat.

2) At the intersection, there are two options. Take the right (less road). Hollow paths are the backbone of the bocage. They guide you majestically through fields enclosed by embankments.

3) Rue du Guern, turn right as far as the Croix Nicolazic roundabout. Turn left onto chemin de Malachappe, which leads to rue De Gaulle. Cross this road to join chemin de Malachappe/ Lomelec.

4) After 400 m, turn left towards Lomelec (Pluneret). In Lomelec, turn right onto a farm track. Auray appears on the horizon, separated by the Loch valley. It's easy to imagine the troops of Charles de Blois and Duguesclin marching through the marshes to attack the château d'Auray (1364).

5) At Gumenen, turn left onto a local road, reach Kerroussin, leave it on the left and turn right towards Kerloury. After 500 m, take the path on the left between a hedge and a farmhouse. Descend to the reed beds. Observe nature and the Toul Er Goug bridge. Retrace your steps to the village. Go up 10 m on your right and turn left towards Kerniolen. At the end, turn left, then first right. Alternative: turn right at the Gumenen pylon, cross the wooded area. At the crossroads, turn left. At the equestrian center, turn right into rue Calloc'h. Turn left, then right at the intersection (if the road is flooded, take the alternative at point

6) Continue straight ahead, past a riding school to rue Calloc'h. Turn left, then right at the intersection. If the road is impassable, cross Kerniolen and stay on the road. After 350 m, turn right onto Chemin du Porho (or Chemin des Pélerins). At end of road, turn right into Rue Calloc'h.

7) After 50 m, take a small alley on the left. Cross the Parc Cogan housing estate, turning right each time. At the end, turn left into rue du Parc.

8) At the roundabout, turn left into Camborne Park. Cross the park (toilets nearby). At the parking lot, take rue De Gaulle. Turn left towards the Sanctuaire.

9) Cross the sanctuary site. Opposite the Memorial, turn left, then right towards the statue of Sainte Anne. Go straight ahead along a hedge. At the end, cross the hedge and join the path alongside the Necropolis. At the crossroads, take the Pont Er Groah path to the right, then at the end, the Rue de Locmaria to the right to find the Mairie.

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