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© A. Lamoureux
Chapelle de Locmaria
© Michel renac


Landévant borders the north of the Ria d'Etel: a really small sea protected by the impressive Etel bar.

It is at the Listoir that the river bearing the same name originated, supplying the whole ria. We discover a preserved coastal environment with marshes, mudflats, marine fauna and flora. The landscape changes with the tides and seasons. Here, a wild nature reveals itself to those who have the patience to observe and the desire to respect.

Rich in marine organisms, this area is an ornithological site that hosts, in all seasons, the main concentrations of birds from the river: grey herons, little egrets, curlews, terns, cormorants...

In the countryside, calm reigns in the villages and the forests crossed by paths and streams. As you wander along or when you get to centre of a village, you will stumble upon crosses, fountains and chapels. In the village of Locmaria, the chapel is the oldest religious edifice in the municipality. It houses a 15th century polychrome framework and mural paintings which, due to their rarity, are considered to be exceptional.