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Cadoudal Locoal Mendon

Locoal-Mendon, the countryside by the sea

In Locoal-Mendon, discover exceptional natural sites such as the peninsula of La Forêt, its path and the Pointe du Verdon.

Zoom in on the road to Cadoudal

The walk starts out on a fairly wide path that goes up and narrows into a hollow path bordered by old low stone mossy walls. There you will find the "cache de Cadoudal" (Cadoudal’s hiding place), General Chouan. On a slope, large cut stones mark the entrance. Be careful! Inside, there is still a small space where there could be hidden chouans laying an ambush for the Republicans. The kids love it!

A little further on, we discover a small clearing in the middle of which stands a magnificent ancient oak tree. There are remarkable trees with their roots leveling the ground, lots of branches and then the horizon emerges.

You can see the sea through the trees and then the path becomes coastal and leads to a splendid panorama on the ria d'Étel that changes with the tide. Discover oyster beds and small beaches that invite one to reflect, then you will reach the tip of Beg er Lanneg to then end up at the starting point.