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Chapelle Saint-Philibert
© Alexandre Lamoureux
Chapelle de Saint Philibert
© S. Bourcier
Saint Philibert
© Alexandre Lamoureux
Chapelle Saint Philibert
© Alexandre Lamoureux


Water sports and beaches

You will enjoy exploring this seaside resort renowned for its 17th century chapel on the banks of the river Ster, its coastal hiking trails and its beaches. It has built its history on oyster farming and is marked by the influence of the ocean. Visit oyster farms, discover the trade and activity, and taste the oysters of the region. Take its famous coastal road, up to the Pointe de Kernevest and continue to the fort of Kernevest, now occupied by the sailing school. Then, enjoy the two little beaches, Kernevest and Men er Bellec, facing south.


The chapel of Saint Philibert

If you were to look at one single and unique building in Saint-Philibert, it would have to be the chapel located on the banks of the river Ster. It has an exceptional setting in Quiberon Bay! Located by the sea, this 17th and 18th century edifice once depended on Locmariaquer. Inside, you can admire an 18th century altarpiece which has in its central part a romantic period painting depicting Saint Philibert disembarking in the Ster cove, after having sailed in a stone trough. The ceiling of the building is studded with stars and the stained glass windows are reminiscent of the municipality’s agricultural and oyster farming activities. A real picture-postcard that is preferably visited at high tide!