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Pointe de Kerpenhir Locmariaquer
© T. Poriel
Port de Locmariaquer
Site Mégalithique de Locmariaquer
© A. Lamoureux
Balade à pied Locmariaquer
© Alexandre Lamoureux

Locmariaquer, between Quiberon Bay and the Gulf of Morbihan

At the crossroads of the Bay of Quiberon and the Gulf of Morbihan, Locmariaquer is an authentic Breton village ideally located to shine in Morbihan. It is also an exceptional megalithic site.

At the entrance of the Gulf of Morbihan, Locmariaquer unveils an exceptional megalithic complex. During your stay in Locmariaquer, you can escape to Ile-aux-Moines or Ile d'Arz. Finally, take the time to discover the wilderness of one of the most beautiful bays in the world.

In Locmariaquer, an overhang of sand called the tip of Kerpenhir, offers a life-size spectacle of great beauty! Strong currents give way to a salty and invigorating, almost perpetual, movement. Here, the Bay of Quiberon and the Gulf of Morbihan meet resulting in this small, almost closed sea speckled with islands. We can see the Port-Navalo lighthouse located at the tip of the Rhuys Peninsula and offshore the islet of Méaban, Belle-Ile-en-Mer, Houat... 

Locmariaquer is also famous for shellfish gathering. So don't hesitate to come on spring tide days !