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Saint Cado
© A. Lamoureux
Pont Lorois
© Alexandre Lamoureux
Fontaine St Cado
© Alexandre Lamoureux


A true postcard, the village of Saint-Cado is a must-see place for your holidays in the Bay of Quiberon.

Nestled in the Etel river, the islet of Saint-Cado is linked to the village of Belz by a small stone bridge and lots of history. At the beginning of the 20th century, this magnificent little port was the largest sardine port in the Ria d'Étel!

Another emblem of the municipality, the Pont-Lorois is the only bridge that crosses the ria d'Étel. It allows you to reach Lorient. Discover Port Niscop too at the foot of Pont-Lorois, a calm pretty cove protected from the ria d'Étel, which formerly used to house shipyards. Not far from the wharf is a cave erected by sailors in memory of their fallen companions.

Thanks to the tides, in summer and winter alike, the Étel River offers you an ever-changing spectacle. Discover the hiking trails of Belz, Locoal-Mendon and Étel and discover the exceptional fauna and flora. Your will almost certainly fall in love with the islet of Saint-Cado !