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Exposition "Temps additionnel" par Marie Gory
Temps additionnel - Marie Gory
From 02/04/2024

Additional time" exhibition by Marie Gory

Médiathèque - 15 Rue nationale
56690 Landévant
It's the story of an exhibition that shouldn't have taken place, of photos that should never have existed, of daily life that shouldn't have been turned upside down. This is Sarah's story.
It was June 4th. A car accident. She and 4 young women of 20, her soccer teammates. Head trauma, multiple fractures, a heliport and an induced coma. The toll was heavy.
This exhibition was born of a tragic event. From a desire to mark time, to leave a trace, a scar in my own way, in our own way. To turn a page, to leave room for a new chapter, not to erase what has happened, but to come to terms with it.💕

Opening times to the public: Tuesday 4pm to 6:30pm, Wednesday 10am to 12pm and 2pm to 6pm, Friday 4pm to 6:30pm and Saturday 10:30am to 12:30pm and 2pm to 4pm.

Opening times

From 02/04/2024 to 31/05/2024
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Médiathèque - 15 Rue nationale
56690 Landévant



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