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Concerts, sports competitions, exhibitions, children's shows, fest-noz, traditional festivals... Come and have fun and have fun in Quiberon Bay!  

Many demonstrations and major events animate the seasons. Save the date!

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Exposition de Marie Baldet
Marie Baldet's monotypes are on show at the media library. These are the original plates from her comic strip "L'Heure de la métamorphose". The artist…
Ateliers en famille "Apprentis bâtisseurs"
Become a Neolithic builder's apprentice and discover the secrets of menhir construction. After a guided tour of the Alignments and the Kermario dolmen,…
From 8am to 1pm. Every Thursday, year-round. Food market.
Marché Auray
It takes place every Thursday morning, around the church.
Marché hebdomadaire Pluneret
Every Thursday from 8am to 1pm, Place Vincent Jollivet
Marché des producteurs bio à Auray
Thursdays from 5pm to 8pm on Place Notre Dame.
This guided tour, designed for young children and their parents, is a fun way to discover how Neolithic man lived. Recommended for ages 4 and up. Book…
2-hour workshop for children aged 4 and over at Marianimaux in Ploemel. Children will learn how to take care of rabbits, guinea pigs, dogs, goats and…
Nearly 80 bunkers, 4 gun caissons and a firing tower bear witness to the Second World War, and make up one of the largest and most powerful batteries in…
Marché hebdomadaire
Thursdays from 4 to 6:30 p.m. on Place Kreisker
Hashtag: (Common noun) - [aʃ.taɡ\] / Masculine (Anglicism) # symbol. Placed in front of a word on social network publications (Twitter, Instagram, ...)…
dunes sauvages
At 10.30 am. The spring tides reveal a space between land and sea where an abundance of biodiversity thrives. On or under the rocks, little "creatures"…
Come and discover the paths of Ploemel on foot, holding an animal of your choice (dog, goat or pony). 15min instruction and safety rules at the start,…
Activities for the very young! Registration by e-mail or on 02 97 52 45 04
Chasse au trésor Quiberon-1
Price €20 (one adult and one child). A story of Vikings, a treasure lost at the bottom of the ocean and a secret shared by two children from Quiberon...…
All year round, you'll find a food market in the town center every Friday from 9am to 12pm.
Very Brad Pitt
Did you like the film "Very Bad Trip"? Come and discover the theatrical and feminine version! 1 improvised evening 2 girls who don't know each other 3…
A 2-hour fishing activity at La Trinité-sur-Mer: 2 little holes and here comes the clam. From the salt, the knife points its nose. Between 2 rocks, crabs…
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