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Forêt de Camors
© Alexandre Lamoureux
Etang Camors
© Alexandre Lamoureux
Nature Camors
© Alexandre Lamoureux
© Alexandre Lamoureux

The Camors Forest, nature's paradise

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Wooded land and wide expanses, here wood reigns and nature is at its roughest! 

Camors Menhir de l'etoile

Dare to enter the Korrigans Valley!

Called the Korrigans Valley, the Camors forest is a great place for breathtaking walks, full of legends.

It hides many strange stones, so-called magic trees, and is said to be populated with korrigans. This magical landscape invites you to imagine and dream. Legend has it that the forest of Camors was the domain of "Bluebeard"!

Along the paths, many megaliths are also to be discovered: menhirs, dolmens and funeral galleries. Among these last witnesses of our past, the "Menhir Braz", also known as the "Menhir of the Star", is characterised by its size and its isolation in the forest.

Rando Forêt de Camors

The Camors forest, a place where one can disconnect in the south of Morbihan

Wooded lands and vast expanses, here is the opportunity for you to disconnect and go green. On foot or by bike, three hiking trails allow you to discover colourful landscapes that change with the seasons.

Trekking, fishing, horse riding, treetop adventure courses, health trails... enjoy an authentic playground in the middle of the forest. As you go along, you will notice that water is omnipresent in the Camors forest. Ponds, rivers and fountains, recharge your batteries in the heart of nature, conducive to calm and serenity.

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