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Eglise St Thuriau Crac'h


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Discover the many megalithic sites of Crac'h, many of which are located on private properties and therefore are not really accessible to the public. Visit two accessible major sites: the Luffang covered driveway and the Kervin-Brigitte dolmen.

Not to be missed: a rich religious heritage with the Saint-Thuriau parish church, and four chapels (Plas-Kaër, Lomarec, Kervin Brigitte and Saint-Jean).

The Plas-Kaër Chapel, built on the site of an ancient chapel erected in the 15th century by the Templars, was inaugurated in 1874. It has a neo-Gothic Latin cross shape. The chapel boasts a lovely setting concealed in the woods at the end of a long winding road.

Located 5 minutes from Auray, walk through this very large town, bordered to the east by the Auray River, and to the west by the Crac'h River. These two rivers open to the south into the Atlantic Ocean providing a maritime atmosphere with oyster farms. Enjoy exceptional views of the rias such as the Fort Espagnol or the baie de Saint-Jean.